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  • Product Collaborations

    Book a meeting now with our chocolatiers and marketing advisor to collaborate together to involve our chocolate in your next project.

  • Venue Tour

    Go behind the scenes with our chocolatiers as they introduce you to the methods and machines used to create our chocolates and confections in our on-site kitchen. Finish up the tour with a visit to our retail shop!

  • Chocolate Making Class

    Work with our chocolatiers to learn how to temper and mould your way through the proper techniques used in our kitchen.

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  • EASTER | Perth Chocolate

    EASTER WEEKEND HOPPIEST TIME OF THE YEAR. Hop into Easter with Us. PREORDERING AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE MONTH LEADING UP TO THIS HOPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND Be everyone's favourite Easter bunny! Fill your basket with chocolates, treats and our famous hand-painted Easter eggs. Questions? Pre-Order Now HOP TO IT. Chocolate Bunnies Hop to it and catch these fan favourites as soon as you can. Our chocolate Easter bunnies always find their fur-ever homes fast, so our chocolatiers always recommend preordering. Hand-Painted & Surprise-Filled Easter Eggs Our chocolatiers hand-paint every one of these surprise filled chocolate eggs. Each egg is a one of a kind gift for this hoppy holiday . Chocolate Easter Eggs Shop Cream Filled Chocolate Eggs Of course we create the traditional cream filled chocolate eggs. Would it even be Easter without them? Pick your Surprise! You can have your pick of what you find inside! Choose from chocolate mini eggs or gummies and candy! Chocolate Easter Eggs Shop

  • BEST FOR BAKING | Perth Chocolate

    best for baking PRODUCTS. SIMPLY THE BEST For our customers looking for high quality baking ingredients that cannot be found in the grocery store. 22/24 SR Highly dutched, high fat cocoa powder made from high quality West African cocoa beans. COCOA POWDER SOLID CALLETs White Chocolate Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate OUR RECIPE From our home to yours. Our recipe is made with simple ingredients, and always delivers a rich flavour. 100% BELGIAN White Chocolate Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate hot CHOCOLATe Powder

  • CREATIONS | Perth Chocolate

    Artisan Chocolates VIEW Confections VIEW Barks and Bars VIEW Baking & Desserts VIEW Best for Baking VIEW Beverages VIEW More Gourmet VIEW

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