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Our drive for quality and consistency has created the opportunity for us to share our passion and business in unique ways. It is no question that our chocolates have to be made on-site, it gives us the ability to control every process so we can confidently stand behind it. This always opens new doors for our fellow chocoholics. If you want to tour our venue, get your hands chocolate covered, or collaborate, book below or just say hello! Send us a quick email on how we can make your Chocolate Works experience even sweeter.




Venue Tours and 

Chocolate Making Classes

have been cancelled.

All future booking options are  halted until further notice.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Temporarily Unavailable

  • Book a tour with us to see where your favourite treats are made.

    Prices Vary
  • Book to learn how to create your favourite chocolate treats.

    Prices Vary
  • Did we turn you into a chocoholic?

    Prices Vary
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