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What to expect at Perth Chocolate Works:


All chocolates are made on site and a majority of all chocolate items in baskets around the store. Look for the Chocolate Works label to know its made on-site. Family owned and family made. Louise and her two daughters continue to make everything in small batches.

Why are some of our chocolates not available?


Heather and Brenda work together in the kitchen to keep up with demand but sometimes items sell out faster than expected. Some chocolates are seasonal and sometimes a chocolate lover will come in and stock up on their favourite treat. Small batches are part of why our chocolate tastes so good.

Do you sell your chocolate anywhere else?


You can find our chocolates at our location in downtown Perth and our first store location on Manitoulin Island. We don’t sell our chocolates in other stores or wholesale so we are able to keep up with demand  at our 2 locations.

What is the best way to stay up to date with Perth Chocolate Works?


Let’s connect! Perth Chocolate Works is on Facebook and Instagram and that is where we keep you up to date with chocolates made, behind the scenes, and town events.

How to place an order or shop at Perth Chocolate Works?


The best experience is to take the trip to downtown Perth and visit us in the Code’s Mill heritage building across from Stuart Park. Inside you can see our kitchen where all our chocolates are made and sold. Second best is to place an order online that can be picked up in store, delivered for free within town limits, or shipped. Shipping is only available during the cooler seasons (October 1 - May 24th).                              to shop online.

To keep inventory and orders organized we do not accept orders over social media platforms.

Why do you use Callebaut products?

Callebaut is a 100% Belgian Chocolate with the Finest Belgian Chocolate crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate. They support artisan chocolatiers by supplying cocoa powder, solid bars,  Callets™ - solid chocolate drops and more. By choosing Callebaut finest Belgian chocolate we actively support local farmers in West Africa. A part of every pack or bar we purchase is reinvested in cocoa farm training and their community in partnership with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. For more information CLICK HERE.

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